Waa kuwee Sawirada 5 ta shabeel Naagood ee dheesha Kubada cagta ?+ Sawirro

Waxaan idiin soo gudbineynaa Cayaartoyda Caanka ku ah kubada cagta ee lagu Tilmaamo in ay yihiin kuwa shabeel Naagoodsan kuwaas oo lasaaxiibay ama Guursaday Naagihii ugu badnaa.

Tan iyo Markii Kubada Cagta Caalamka Gaar ahaan tan qaarada yurub ay Noqotey Mid lacag aad u badan laga helo waxaa soo badanayey hablaha ay soo jiidanayaa Cayaartoyda kubada Cagta kuwaas oo intooda doonayey lacagta faraha badan ee soo Gasha Xidiga ay danaynayaan

Cayaaryahankii hore ee kooxda Roma ANTONIO CASSANO ayaa sheegay in intii uu dheelayey kubada Cagta uu laseexday Naago Gaaraya 600 ilaa 700 kuwaas oo intooda badan uu habeen dhaxmo ka doonayey oo kaliya kadib markii uu Lacag badan siiyey.

Hadaba Waa kuwee shanta cayaaryahan ee lamidka ah ama ka agdhow Cassano?


He was a Brazilian footballer who played right winger and forward. He is regarded by many in the sport to be the best dribbler in football history.

His remarkable ball control, imagination, feints on the wing, as well as his ability to create chances out of nothing. Moreover, he also possessed a powerful shot with either foot and was a gifted set piece specialist known for free kicks and corners taken with the outside of his foot.

Adored by the Brazilian public and nicknamed; ”Joy of the people” and helping his nation win the 1958 and 1962 World Cups.

Eventually, Fame drove the talented man to being an alcoholic and playboy. Garrincha was an alcoholic at 14, shockingly lost his virginity to a goat, and fathered 14 children to numerous women.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most well-known football players in the soccer game. He’s wealthy, famous, and remarkably-full of talent footballer as well as good looking man.

His list of ex-lovers is so long that we lost count and some we have just even forgot their names.

Whether they are models, actors and even ordinary girls; Cristiano has dated all types of girls you can imagine and he is not done with them yet.

The Real Madrid star leave many wondering if he is ever going to marry and settle down; due to the mysterious mother of his son. He is a typical example of playboy.

A talented and technically gifted player, he usually deploys in a creative role, as a supporting forward.

His short temper as much as his skill and ability on the pitch. Afterwards, his autobiography ‘La Dico Tutto’ (‘I’ll Tell You Everything’); he was known as a brilliant Italian attacker with an extremely troublesome personality who had bedded a lot of women.

From here on, if his book is to be believed then in the eleven years prior to the release date Cassano had slept with between 600 and 700 women.

English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Championship club Aston Villa.

Accordingly, after his senior international debut for England in 2008,  it was revealed that not only had he been juggling three girlfriends at once, but also he had also managed to get all three of them pregnant.


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