Sharia court sentence Islamic cleric Abduljabbar Kabara to death for blasphemy


One Upper Sharia court for Kano don sentence cleric Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara to death by hanging afta finding am guilty of blasphemy against Islam holy prophet.

Di judgement happun on Thursday wia di judge Ibrahim Sarki Yola tok say e find di cleric guilty of all di charges wey Kano state goment bin accuse am of.

Among di charges na say im preaching get tendency to cause security wahala for Kano state.

Di case don dey court for one year and three months now.

Abduljabbar tell court for im final statement say e no need any mercy or leniency before di judge finally read im sentencing.

Di convict get 30 days to appeal di sentencing of di upper sharia court.

Who be Abduljabbar?

Abduljabbar na son of late preacher and leader of di Qadirriya sect for Nigeria Nasir Kabara, dem be family of preachers and im broda Karibu na currently leader of Nigeria Qadiriyya sect.

Over di years, Abduljabbar don get serious problem with oda preachers and di public becos dem say some of im preaching dey disrespect di holy prophet of Islam.

Earlier dis month, Kano state goment organise public debate between Abduljabbar and some oda clerics wey challenge am regarding im style and according to di judge of di day Professor Shehu Abdullahi, di controversial preacher no ansa any question correctly.

For im defence, Abduljabbar say those im preaching wey pipo dey against originate from some pipo wey dey against Islam although for di debate e no prove am.

Di Kabara family wey Abduljabbar come from get ogbonge history for Kano.

Di family get serious political value and dis na why politicians dey very careful regarding di family as many roads and bridges for Kano carry di family name.

While most of di Kano public bin say di preacher deserve punishment for im method of preaching while im followers say dem still dey with am and dat pipo no understand di controversial aspects of im preaching na im cause wahala.