Palestinian rights groups defy Israeli threats


RAMALLAH: The directors of seven Palestinian civil rights institutions shut down by an Israeli army decision on Aug. 18 have decided to reopen their establishments and carry out their activities as usual.

Arab News spoke to Shawan Jabarin, director of Al-Haq — the most prominent Palestinian human rights organization — which the Israeli army shut down over what it called allegations of financing terrorism.

“We are continuing our work from our offices, not to challenge or claim heroism, but because we believe that we are defending human rights and we will not respond to aggressor and arrogance occupation decisions that design its laws against us as he wishes,” Jabarin told Arab News.

Al-Haq has 45 employees.

Jabarin said that Israel legislated laws in a way that suited its interests and security measures.

He called on the Palestinian Authority to take political steps against the Israeli military decision, which significantly diminished its prestige.