TPLF Begins Handing over Heavy Weapons


Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) has handed over first round of heavy weapons as part of an African Union-led peace process.

The handover took place at Agula camp, 36 kilometers from Mekele city, in the presence of military observers from various countries.

Lt. Col. Aleme Tadele, the commander of the army deployed in the area, said that they have received various types of heavy weapons in accordance with the peace agreement reached between the federal government and TPLF leaders.

Lt. Col. Aleme added that Ethiopian National Defense Force received military equipment include armored tanks, various millimeter cannons, rockets; antiaircraft and mortars.

Among African Union Observer Committees of the handover, Brigadier General Adwa Lebukan Peter stated that the handover of heavy weapons will strengthen the peace process effort.